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  • with a multidisciplinary approach
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  • with assured safety
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EXPO 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

EXPO 2015 is focused on the idea that “everyone on the planet should have access to food that is healthy, safe and sufficient”.1
One of the selected theme of EXPO 2015 is to provide “education in proper nutrition and encouraging more healthy lifestyles, especially among children, adolescents, the disabled, and the elderly”.
It is well known that nutrition, diet and food habits affect the status of oral health.2
Proper nutrition improves general health, and improved general health can contribute to a higher degree of oral health.
The dental team (mainly the dentist and the dental hygienist) has the responsibility to give information about a diet conductive to oral health and to motivate a patient to adopt new healthy eating patterns.
Concerning the reported topic, IOS introduces this section that  will focus on:

  • Specific dietary recommendations to improve oral health
  • Raise awareness to patient safety during an emergency dental treatment in Italy.

Currently foreign visitors are not aware of the hazardous situation present in Italy, where works about 10.000 (estimated number) unqualified dentists and about 59.000 qualified dentists.3 The first ones provide unsafe dental care without any control from the local Health Services.
Moreover, dental instrument sterilization is compulsory as stated by the Italian NHS (Decree Law 28/09/1990 – Board of Health). However in Lombardy, where the World Expo will be held in 2015, neither the thermal disinfector nor the steam autoclave, are yet required by local legislation regulating dental practices. The problem of the lack or unsuitable autoclaves in Italian dental practices, has been highlighted in a recent market research carried out on a sample of Italian dentists.4


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