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in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere

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Our interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise

for your safety

An Eco-friendly way
in practicing dentistry

Best protection against cross infections

adopting know-how and technologies according International Guidelines

Education and Training

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Programming of care

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Achieve results together

The medical director

Dentista Alberto Barenghi Lecco

IOS by Alberto Barenghi

Physician-Surgeon with specialization in Dentistry, Orthodontics and Aesthetic medicine

What do we offer to patients?

  • To understand your expectations, your health needs
  • A personalised clinical approach, focused on diagnostic formulation and therapeutic solutions based on scientific criteria in respect to our professional and ethical duties
  • To provide a multi-disciplinary approach and an articulated program of each therapeutic phase
  • A  range of choices in relation to your oral health, conducted in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere
  • A courteous and ‘human’ approach and to build a trusting and lasting relationship with our team
  • A technologically advanced environment
  • Quality and safety
  • An eco-friendly way of practicing dentistry
  • To manage our orthodontic and surgical care without compromising other medical conditions (e.g. heart conditions, transplants, pharmaceutical treatment for osteoporosis)
  • Clear and detailed budget
  • Prevention: we advise a free check-up to patients every 6 months

Services and Relationship with Patient

  • Programming Treatment: sequential appointments for every phase and cycle of treatment.
  • Information of Treatment Plan and Conditions of Payment Include:
  • Precise description of every phase of the treatment plan
  • Detailed explanation of the form and planning for payment, payment methods, and financing
  • Telephone contact:  A message service and fax are active 24 hours.

Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

  • Availability of Emergency services and specific situations such as Dental Trauma.

We accept these situations outside our normal appointment schedule and understand the urgency to reshuffle prior appointments to accommodate your needs.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our scheduled patients.

We will offer a valid alternative to the penalised patient for such an inconvenience.